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Invitation to tender

Public procurements of asset management services 

Stiftelsen för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling, org. no. 802400-4213, carries out three separate procurements of asset management services concerning a:

- Absolute return mandate
- Global mandate
- Swedish mandate

(as advertised in the Swedish electronic database TendSign)

The Procurements are carried out in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act (Sw. lagen (2016:1145) om offentlig upphandling) (the “Public Procurement Act”), which implements Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement in Sweden. The Procurements are carried out through an open procedure (Sw. öppet förfarande). ​

Questions and provision of additional information
Any questions regarding the Procurement must be in the English language and be submitted to the Foundation via the procurement tool on TendSign’s web page (http://www.tendsign.com/eng/). 

Any questions must be submitted no later than 11 August 2017 (14 August for the Swedish mandate) at 5:00 p.m. CEST to be considered. Questions submitted after such time will not be considered.

Questions and answers will be anonymised and communicated to all tenderers via TendSign. Further, any other additional information, as the case may be, will be communicated to all tenderers via TendSign. Accordingly, each tenderer is encouraged to inform itself on a regular basis of any additional information provided via TendSign during the tender period.

Any questions concerning (i) the procurement tool, (ii) the submission of a tender, or (iii) the submission of any question concerning the Procurement, shall be sent via e-mail to TendSign at tendsignsupport@visma.com. 

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