All projects that have been granted funding by the Knowledge Foundation must be reported in line with the agreed reporting plan in the contract. You can read about the different types of report and in general about what they are expected to contain here.

Reporting projects

The project manager must provide a report on the results and finances of the project in the application system. The reporting requirements for each programme are set out in the contract signed for the project. This includes the date by which reports must be submitted.

Information on what is required in terms of reporting for the respective programme is provided in the project reporting form in the application system, and in some cases in the call for proposals. Some programmes require specific templates to be filled in and appended to the report.

The reports are reviewed and approved by the programme manager at the Knowledge Foundation. Sometimes supplementary or clarifying information may be requested before the report can be approved.

If you have questions about the reporting, please contact the programme manager at the Foundation.

Progress reports

In most of the Foundation’s programmes, a progress report/half-time report must be submitted for the project. The report provides a general account of how the project is progressing. Major changes and deviations from the project plan, schedule or regarding the budget and staff, for example, must be described and justified. A report on the financial outcome must also be provided in the progress report.

Final reports

A final report must be submitted after the end of the project. The final report describes the project’s results, financial outcomes, deviations from the project plan, co-production with the business sector and how the project has contributed to the development of the research and educational environment.

The final report must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the project.