Our review process

Applications submitted to the Knowledge Foundation are first examined by the foundation staff, to ensure that all formal requirements are met. In the second step of the process, usually the applications are read by international reviewers. The international peers look closely at the scientific qualities of the proposed project. As a last step, the applications are reviewed by a national evaluation panel nominated by the Knowledge Foundation.

The main objective of the Knowledge Foundation is to boost Sweden’s competitiveness by supporting initiatives for the development of knowledge and industrial competence. One of the tasks of the Foundation is to support research at Sweden’s new universities and university colleges.

Among the conditions for support are that the research must be of high scientific quality and of relevance to industry, and that there is matching funding from industrial partners.

While the international peers focus on scientific aspects, the national assessors review the Foundation’s four main critera for all applications in all of the programs. These criteria are operationalized differently for different programs. The four criteria can also be weighted in different ways.

International peers review:

  • how the scientific question relates to state-of -the-art
  • how clear and realistic the scientific objectives are
  • relevance of the scientific methods
  • the level of scientific expertise in the project group

National assessors review:

  • expected results and effects
  • benefit for business
  • implementation
  • scientific quality.