The project manager can decide on minor changes relative to the project plan that do not affect the purpose and goals, deliverables, or timeframe of the project. The project manager can also make minor reallocations between cost elements in the project budget and make minor adjustments to the project staff.

The university can decide to change a project owner. Information about a new project owner must be reported to the Knowledge Foundation in the project portal.

If the university:
(i) wants to change a project manager,
(ii) wants to change a co-funding company,
(iii) wants to change a project period,
(iv) wants to use project funding that has been granted to a particular project to co-fund
another project from other funders, or
(v) wants to make changes to a project other than those listed above in the first and second
paragraphs of this section 6,

a prior approval from the Knowledge Foundation is required, unless otherwise expressly stated in the agreement. Any proposed changes must be communicated to the Knowledge Foundation in good time before they are to come into force. Such communication must primarily take place in the project portal.

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