Our mission is to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness

The Knowledge Foundation strengthen Sweden's competitiveness. We do this by funding research and competence development at Sweden's colleges and newer universities, as it takes place in collaboration with the business sector.

We help establish strong research and educational environments

Enabling environments to establish strong positions

The Knowledge Foundation’s programmes are aimed at enabling environments to establish and maintain a strong, long-term, national and international scientific or artistic position which also contributes to the profiling of the higher education institution. This enables the environment to also become a valuable long-term partner for the business sector.

Projects increase competence for the business world

Our eight programmes are designed to contribute to strategically strong research and educational environments and contribute to development and increased competence for the business world. The Knowledge Foundation’s programmes is announced once a year, in September.

Increased competitiveness through co-production

What does co-production mean?

Co-production forms the basis of Knowledge Foundation’s operation and is an inherent element in the projects, the research and the educational environments that we fund. Co-production means that the projects we fund must be designed and implemented in close collaboration between academia and the business sector.

Academia and companies choose the area and the focus of the project

The Knowledge Foundation’s Calls for Proposals are open to project proposals in all subjects and areas. It is academia and the business sector that jointly select the areas and research questions that are both of academic interest and highly relevant to business sector. The projects we fund therefore span a wide range of scientific and business areas.