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Application period

6 Sept 2023 – 8 Nov 2023


In the Avans programme, universities together with business partners develop degree programmes at second cycle level.

Background of the programme

In order for Sweden to continue being a competitive country with high innovation skills, the courses and the programmes offered at the universities and university colleges must be of high quality, research-based, and relevant for the labour market. To achieve this, both the universities and the business sector needs to be involved in the development and implementation of educational activities.

With the programme Avans, the Knowledge Foundation wants to give the universities the opportunity to work with business partners to develop degree programmes that are both research-based and relevant for the business sector. This kind of collaboration will create mutual benefits that strengthen the courses and programmes offered at the universities and contribute to the provision of competence within the business sector.

The programme’s contribution to strong research and educational environments

The specific purpose of the programme Avans is to integrate the academic environment’s research and education activities and to contribute to provision of competence within the business sector.

About the programme

  • Development or further development of degree programmes at second cycle level
  • Course development in close collaboration with the business sector
  • Strengthens the integration between research and education.
  • Two versions of the programme are offered – Avans Mini and Avans Maxi
  • Maximum funding: SEK 500,000 (Mini) or SEK 2 Million (Maxi)
  • Maximum project duration: 1 year (Mini) or 3 years (Maxi)
Programme film

Linneaus University

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