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The KK-miljö programme is not a traditional funding programme but a dialogue-based working method to develop research, second-cycle education and co-production in a coherent and strategic way within a defined part of a universitie’s academic activity.

The focus is on creating a long-term, structured development process for the universities and its partners. The universities can develop its activities for ten years in one or more collaborating academic environments in line with multi-annual strategies and annual operational plans. The KK-miljö must also develop and run quality assurance systems for their operations. The Knowledge Foundation monitors and assesses development with the support of an expert group. Within the remit of the KK-miljö’s annual operational plan, the universities can propose and be granted funding for activities within the Foundation’s ordinary programmes, provided that the activities are quality assured internally and in line with the KK-miljö’s strategy.

KK-miljö can only be established following a specific qualification and assessment process. Activities are evaluated when the KK-miljö starts and at the end of the programme period.

Background of the programme

KK-miljö are to provide support in developing profiled universities and building strong research and educational environments with scientific rigour and good co-production capacity within the priority areas of the universities. The programme is aimed towards universities that are well on the way to building co-producing research and educational environments and have ambitions to continue profiling their activities. The programme will strengthen the capacity of the universities to work strategically in developing quality assured research and education jointly with external partners.

The programme’s contribution to strong research and educational environments

The KK-miljö programme is the Foundation’s most powerful programme for developing and profiling academic environments and the entire universities. The long timescale, the strategy-driven approach, and the opportunity to develop and propose activities within all the Knowledge Foundation’s programmes open up unique opportunities. The dialogue with the external group of experts appointed by the Knowledge Foundation also provides an opportunity for regular feedback on the KK-miljö’s development.

About the programme
  • Strategy-driven development and profiling of academic environments in a selected area at a universities
  • Close collaboration between academia and business partners
  • A joint annual working process in which the universities drives development, and the Knowledge Foundation conducts assessments, provides funding and carries out monitoring
  • The Foundation’s funding will depend on the volume of project proposals that both fulfil the KK-miljö’s own quality assurance criteria and are judged to be of strategic importance by the Knowledge Foundation’s group of experts
  • Project duration 10 years, with stages of 3–4 years