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Application period

6 Sept 2023 – 9 Nov 2023


The Hög programme gives universities an opportunity to carry out a research project in co-production with the business sector.

Background to the programme

Call for proposals

The preliminary funding at disposal for the Call for proposals in 2023 is SEK 30 million, excluding OH

To contribute towards Sweden’s competitiveness, innovative capacity and utilisation, opportunities are needed for academia and companies to co-produce research that can extend the state-of-the-art research and respond to a need in the business sector.

This type of co-produced research project paves the way for utilising research results outside an academic context, contributing towards innovation, development, and renewal at the universities and in the participating companies.

The programme’s contribution to strong research and educational environments

The programme makes it possible to initiate the establishment of research environments in early stages of its development, which may have its starting point in a research group to later consist of larger units such as a research environment, institution, centre or similar.

The programme may also be used by established environments to set up collaboration with the business sector that is important to the scientific development of the environment and responds to the development needs of the participating companies. Where such environments are concerned, the added value of the project and how it will lead to the renewal of such environments must be clearly shown.

About the programme

  • Implementation of research projects in co-production with the business sector that contributes to innovation, development and renewal
  • Initiate the establishment of environments int early stages of its development, or serves as a renewal effort for an already established research and education environment
  • Strengthens the environment’s research through renewal and creates benefit for the companies
  • The project manager must have a PhD degree or holds a post as senior lecturer, associate senior lecturer or professor
  • The contribution from business partners to the project must in total correspond to at least the same amount as that applied for from the Knowledge Foundation
  • Maximum funding: SEK 4 million
  • Maximum project duration: 4 years


Programme film

University of Borås

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