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Application period

Closed for calls
Opens up on November 17th, 2024


In the Synergi programme, universities together with business partners address an integrated research question that contributes to scientific profiling of the university. The overarching synergi project is created by combining several subprojects.

Background to the programme

Call for proposals

The preliminary funding at disposal for the Call for proposals in 2023 is SEK 30 million, excluding OH

The programme enables the universities to tackle research questions that may require perspectives and skills from other subject areas. Based on a well-defined, business-relevant research question, the results of a synergy project must contribute towards development of state-of-the-art research.

Contribution to strong research and educational environments

The specific purpose of the Synergi programme is for the environment to integrate and develop its research towards a scientific profile.

About the programme

  • A business-relevant core question drives a research project towards scientific profiling
  • Independent scientific subprojects contribute towards the integrating synergi project
  • The contribution from business partners to the project must in total correspond to at least the same amount as that applied for from the Knowledge Foundation
  • Maximum funding: SEK 10 million
  • Maximum project duration: 4 years