Man, kvinna och solpaneler

Application period

6 Sept 2023 – 5 Feb 2024


The Företagsforskarskolor programme gives the universities, together with the business sector, the opportunity to create thematic graduate schools.

Background of the programme

Strengthening research capacity in areas important to both universities and the business sector requires a continuous supply of researchers. Industrial doctoral students help to enhance competence for the companies, and together with the research conducted, this strengthens the companies’ competitiveness.

To achieve this, both the universities and the business sector need to engage in creating a relevant, high-quality third cycle programme. The research must meet the companies’ needs, but the universities guarantee that the objectives of the third cycle programme can be attained.

The programme’s contribution to strong research and educational environments

Företagsforskarskolor must have a common scientific focus and contribute to develop and strengthen the third cycle programme and profiling the environment. The programme must also foster long-term relationships with the business sector.

About the programme

  • Företagsforskarskolor must incorporate at least 6 doctoral students and a maximum equivalent to 15 doctoral students (2 licentiate degrees are equivalent to 1 doctoral degree)
  • The project duration is 6 years, but the maximum period of study for a doctoral student is 5 years
  • The doctoral student should preferably be employed by the companies
  • The maximum amount of funding from the Knowledge Foundation is SEK 27 million (SEK 1.8 million for doctoral degrees, SEK 900,000 for licentiate degrees)
  • The contribution from business partners to the project must in total correspond to at least the same amount as that applied for from the Knowledge Foundation
  • An ongoing Företagsforskarskolor can apply for another intake, known as Företagsforskarskolor+