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  • De fyra toppforskarna är Laurence Picton, Karolinska Institutet, Kathlen Kohn, Kungl. tekniska högskolan, Roham Parsa, Karolinska Institutet och Stephen De Lisle, Karlstads universitet. Foto: Tiago Bruno Rezende de Castro, Åsa Bognell-Höjer och privat
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    Four outstanding young researchers share 60 million SEK through the Swedish Foundation's Starting Grant call for proposals

    The Swedish Foundations Starting Grant (SFSG) call for proposals is a joint project between seven private research funders and is aimed at very prominent researchers at Swedish universities. The researchers who are eligible to apply for funding must have received the highest score on their Starting Grant application to the European Research Council (ERC), but have not received funding due to the ERC's limited budget.

  • Eva Schelin och Joakim Appelquist, KK-stiftelsen
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    The Knowledge Foundation is developing a new five-year strategy

    The process of developing a new strategy for the next five years has begun. The operation will include a tour of higher education institutions to gain perspectives from external stakeholders. Joakim Appelquist, the newly recruited Head of Strategic Development, will lead the work. Here he and Eva Schelin, CEO, answer some questions.

  • Eva Schelin, vd KK-stiftelsen
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    30 years with the Knowledge Foundation

    The Knowledge Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary. CEO Eva Schelin reminisces on the journey and the future of the foundation.

  • genrebild Pixels
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    Calls and news Autumn 2023

    Our calls are now launched once a year, in September. The calls have been published on our website and you can also see the launch afterwards. The deadline for applications is in November and February.

  • KK-stiftelsen finansierar internationell forskarskola vid Mittuniversitetet. Mattias O´Nils blir ansvarig vid lärosätet.
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    The Knowledge Foundation finance international research school to help increase the industrial transformation

    With support from the Knowledge Foundation of just over 15 million, Mittuniversitetet now has the opportunity to start an international research school.

  • genrebild samarbete
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    Future calls and deadlines

    Our calls for proposals are launched at an event on September 6 in Stockholm - save the date now. Please note that the deadline for four of the programmes will be in the beginning of November.

  • KK-stiftelsen. Foto Sten Jansin
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    The Knowledge Foundation signs up and join CoARA

  • Malin Rosqvist och Hans Hansson, Mälardalens universitet. Foto Carina Ahnstedt haglind
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    Embedded Systems at MDU involves major collaboration with the business sector

  • fabriksgolv med stora maskiner och människor runt om som monterar på de stora maskinerna
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    Smart forklifts test theories in the real world

  • två kvinnor och en man i en llabb
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    Örebro University is building a strong environment