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In the Avans programme, universities together with business partners develop and implement online courses, at at least second cycle level, capable of contributing to international positioning.

Background of the programme

Internationalisation has become an increasingly important tool in increasing the competitiveness of universities and raising the quality of research and education. In the NU programme, the Knowledge Foundation gives universities an opportunity to further strengthen their international profile and positioning while improving the quality of remote education.

The programme’s contribution to strong research and educational environments

NU is a programme for research and educational environments looking to profile and position themselves internationally. The universities gaining an opportunity to develop online courses at second and/or third cycle level together with companies and developing the teaching skills required enables them to provide cutting-edge courses that stand out amid international competition. Focusing on internationalisation can enable new contacts and partnerships to be forged at international level, which can lead to the development of the research and educational environment.

About the programme
  • Development and implementation of online courses at at least second cycle level
  • Course development in close collaboration with the business sector
  • Opportunity to position the educational offer internationally
  • Strengthens the universitie’s forms for online education
  • Maximum funding: SEK 1.5 million
  • Maximum project duration: 2 years

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