Affärskvinna går upp för en trappa

Application period

6 Sept 2023 – 15 Nov 2023


The Rekryteringar programme gives universities an opportunity to recruit an associate senior lecturer, senior lecturer, professor, international guest professor or adjunct professor/lecturer from the business sector. A senior lecturer or professor can also be placed in the business sector.

Background of the programme

Creating dynamic and strong research and education environments requires a continual influx of research and teaching staff. Therefore, the programme Rekryteringar aims to facilitate strategically important recruitments of key expertise. Through the programme, the Knowledge Foundation wants to enable universities to strengthen the long-term capacity and development of their research and education environment.

Contribution to strong research and educational environments

The specific purpose of the Rekryteringar programme is to strengthen the scientific position and profile of an academic environment by the contribution of renewal.

About the programme

  • Provides funding for five different forms of employment
  • Promotes mobility between academia and the business sector
  • Strengthens and develops the capacity for business-relevant research and education
  • The employments may run for between 3 months and 4 years depending on the form of employment
  • Co-financing from the Foundation amounts to between 50% and 90% of the costs