The application process

We have provided a general overview of the Knowledge Foundation’s application process here. The calls for proposals of the respective programme will also provide detailed information on the format of applications and the information needed to enable an application to be assessed. If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please contact the programme manager.

Create an account in the SBS Manager application system

All applications to the Knowledge Foundation are submitted via our application system, SBS Manager. The application should be submitted by the project manager, who creates a personal account in the application system. It is important that you as the project manager create and administer the account, as you will then be linked to the project and to the reporting.

Structure your application

Once you have created an account and logged into the application system, you open a new application by clicking the Start a new application button.

Then choose the call for proposals/programme you want to apply to. Instructions for how to fill in the application are found in the application form in SBS Manager and in the call for proposals for the programme.

Remember that the application form and instructions may differ between different programmes and calls for proposals. Make sure that the application includes all the information and details requested, including appendices. You can update and add to your application up until the deadline.


Submit your application

Submit your application once you have uploaded all your information and appendices to the application system. If you need to amend an application that has already been submitted before the deadline, contact us at (

Submitted applications cannot be amended after the application deadline. The application must be signed (digitally) by the project manager, the project owner and the vice-chancellor.