Open call: Visiting Academic Scholars from Ukraine

Nyhet uppdaterad juli 2022

In this special call the Knowledge Foundation offers funding up to SEK 50 million to support Ukrainian academic scholars. The aim is to enable researchers and lecturers from higher education institutions in Ukraine to continue their academic activities in a safe and supporting environment. The call (link below) is addressed to Swedish university colleges and new universities, which can apply for financial support to employ visiting academic scholars.

Call open until further notice:

Call for proposals – Visiting academic scholars from Ukraine (Version 2)

Please make sure to use the latest updated version of the call: Visiting academic scholars from Ukraine -Version 2 (20220628). Changes in the call are in bold type. The Knowledge Foundation cannot process any applications during the height of the summer. The call is however still open for applications until further notice.

Contact person: Yvonne Fors, PhD, Programme Manager

“The situation in Ukraine is a tragedy in every way. Research and higher education constitute very important parts of a democracy. This call is our act as a financier to contribute by enabling Swedish universities to employ academic scholars from Ukraine”, says Eva Schelin, CEO of the Knowledge Foundation.

The programme offers funding for employment of visiting academic scholars, from PhD students and upwards the academic career, to continue their academic work. The form of employment is to be decided by the hosting Swedish university. The duration of the project can stretch from three months up to three years. The visiting scholar should be an already identified individual with a Ukrainian citizenship who, at the outset of 2022, was active at a Ukrainian higher education institution.

Swedish university colleges and new universities from all academic and artistic fields are invited to apply for funding within the call. In total, the initiative will involve SEK 50 million over a two-year period.

”This call is open until further notice and we will process submitted applications from the Swedish universities continuously. We are aware that many academic scholars in Sweden are in contact with colleagues in Ukraine, and the urge to host them is strong. In this scenario, we hope that this call can serve as support to offer a safe working space”, says Yvonne Fors, programme manager at the Knowledge Foundation.

Please observe, in order to make this call as applicable and usable as possible for the scholars we may update the terms of call continuously.