Board of Directors

The Board is the highest decision-making body of the Knowledge Foundation and is appointed by the government (two members) and by the board itself (eight members).

The Board of Directors of the Knowledge Foundation
  • Elisabeth Nilsson, Chairmar; Former Governor
  • Leif G Anderson, Professor Emeritus
  • Peter Dobers, Professor, Södertörn University
  • Ericka Johnson, Professor, Gender & Society, Linköping University
  • Sigbritt Karlsson, Professor, President KTH
  • Arne Lidén, Chairman of the Investment Committee
  • Gert Nilsson, Technical Director, Jernkontoret
  • Rolf Skoglund, Entreprenuer
  • Eugenia Perez Vico, Associate senior lecturer at Department of Administration, Lund University
  • Thomas Strand, Region Jönköpings län. Former Member of Parliament